Boot Cleaning

I wanted to share a tiny project that turned out way better than I had hoped- I cleaned my boots!

I bought these boots about 7 or 8 years ago from Timberland, and have served me well through the winter seasons in Virginia.  I don’t know if I have ever done anything to them except beat them up and wear them around in all kinds of bad weather.  So they were looking pretty rough.  In the last year, I received a Timberland gift card and thought “Hey! I can buy a new pair of boots!”  But as I was looking through the site, I saw that they sold their own boot cleaners and leather conditioners.  And instead of buying a whole new pair of boots…why not try to see if I can clean my own up first?  A few days later, I received by boot sauce in the mail.

Boot Sauce

Boot Sauce from Timberland

It is super easy to use– there is a foam tip applicator on the end of the tube with a little hole in the middle.  You just squeeze the tube a little bit, and rub around the surface of your leather.

I was amazed at the difference it made instantly.

What a Difference!

What a Difference!

I went over both boots, and I feel as though I have a brand new pair (or close enough to it).  I’m sure there are cheaper ways of cleaning and conditioning your leather, but I thought this product was made for these boots and it delivered!

Before and After Boot Cleaning

Before and After Boot Cleaning

Good looking work boots just in time for the upcoming season!

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