Two New Necklaces for 2012

Well, technically, one is new, one is older.  But it is the first time I’m sharing it, so it’s new to you!

Carved cinnebar and blue glass necklace

Carved cinnabar and blue glass necklace

This necklace is based on a similar necklace I made about 9 years ago, and sold.  It features a carved cinnabar bead, flanked by blue and gold glass beads.  The clasp is a simple lobster clasp, in gold to match.  This is a bright and bold necklace that pairs well with neutrals.  This is an easy necklace to make– you just string all the elements together.

Here’s another shot:

Cinnabar and Glass necklace

I vaguely based this design on early Victorian jewelry.  I think it looks fun!

The other necklace I made probably late 2010.  I wore it for a while, and loved to put my wedding rings on it while I worked.  But one day, walking through Home Depot, I tugged a little too hard on it and the clasp came loose.  Sitting aside for a long time, I finally got around to fixing it.  It’s a simple large loop silver chain, and I added a few little white glass beads, and a large, pink glass heart bead with foil inside.

Chain heart necklace

Chain heart necklace

There are two ways to wear this, one with the heart all the way down.  But I originally meant for it to be worn with the heart off center, like this:

Chain heart necklace

Chain heart necklace

The large loops of the chain mean that I can adjust the length of the necklace to suit me.  It also has a lobster clasp closure.  I like the heaviness of the chain.  It feels substantial, yet not too weighty at the same time.

It is not difficult to make jewelry, and in the coming month, I will give a simple tutorial on very basic jewelry making techniques.  Some of the tools you need are things you probably already have in your house, and toolbox.  Having these things on hand, and knowing some basics, may also help you fix simple repairs.