Making a Spot for Lavender

One of the new plants I bought this fall is “Phenomenal” Lavender (‘Niko’).

Phenomenal Lavender

Phenomenal Lavender

It’s supposed to be a great hardy lavender that performs exceptionally well. It does require full sun though, and as that is at a premium in my garden, I decided I wanted to make a space for it.

Before - Lots of Liriope

Before – Lots of Liriope

This corner, by the bottom of the deck, gets plenty of sun and is full of liriope. I have LOTS of this growing around the yard, and I’ve been noticing this grass growing through it that no matter how much I pull it, it won’t stop. I also just wanted this spot to look a little different.

After - A new space for Phenomenal Lavender

After – A new space for Phenomenal Lavender

This lavender should grow to about two feet across, and from two to four feet tall. I know it will take a few years to get that size, so I wanted to make sure it had some room. You can see some of the liriope I pulled out (and put into pots) around it. I reset the stones to curve out more, and added small marble chips on top. I already had the marble chips on hand, and the small pebble stones that were already around this area got mixed up in the dirt.

Liriope in pots

Liriope in pots

I will find homes for all the liriope- which can easily be broken into smaller plants.

Lots of Liriope in pots

Lots of Liriope in pots

Whenever I passed by the liriope, and saw all the grass sticking out of it, it felt like an endless chore for a plant that I didn’t even feel was all that interesting. I love lavender, and instead of feeling “ugh” every time I passed this spot, I wanted to feel happy.


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