Rosette necklace on a chain

Sales and coupons at Michael’s are dangerous for me.  I had a 25% off everything (including sales!) so of course I just had to look around.

I found these cute rosette’s and white shell squares for a grand total of $4.16.  I already had the chains and clasp I wanted to use.  It took me about an hour to put everything together.  I only used one of the rosette’s and a few of the shells, so I’ve got enough to do something else later.  My inspiration for this necklace came after seeing a few things around on the internet, and me wanting to make something to wear to my cousins’ wedding this summer.  I love how it feels feminine and sophisticated with a slight edge to it.

rosette necklace on a chain with small square shell beads

Rosette necklace with small, square shell beads on a chain.