Upholstering a twin sized headboard

The logistics of upholstering a twin sized headboard are exactly the same as a king-sized board, except the size of materials needed.

Upholstered twin head board

Upholstered twin head board

List of materials needed:

-1 piece of plywood cut to size – for this twin sized headboard, I used the left over piece from the king sized headboard they cut for me at home depot.  The dimensions are 48″ wide by 20″ tall.

-Foam – I like the feeling and depth of 2″ foam.

-Spray Adhesive – to attach the foam to the plywood.

-Batting – for this project, I bought one yard of batting.

-Fabric – Apx. 1 yard.  (If you buy a pattern, be wary of which direction you want the fabric to go and how much you’ll need).

-Staples and Staple gun.

-Hanging Hardware.

Anatomy of a headboard:  (from left to right) Fabric, batting, foam, plywood.

Materials used on an upholstered headboard

Materials used on an upholstered headboard.

First, mark some measurements on your headboard.  I do this for two reasons: 1. the hanging hardware and 2. to act as a guide to keep my pattern in line.  You can also do this step after you’ve attached your foam to the front.

Plywood face down with markings

Plywood face down with markings.

Cut your foam to fit and attach with spray adhesive.  I was careful to make sure there weren’t any large gaps, and that the pieces were pretty level with each other.

Secure foam to plywood

Secured foam to plywood

Next, place the plywood foam side down on your batting, and pull gently (but not super taught) and staple.

Place your fabric face down, and repeat the previous step.  I used the lines on the fabric as markers to keep in line with the marks I made on the back of the plywood.

Fabric stapled to back of plywood headboard

Fabric stapled to the back of the plywood headboard.

For the corners, I was careful to pull them taught in one direction, and then fold under to create a neat line.

Detail of the back corner stapled

Detail of the back corner stapled.

I found this neat, modern fabric at Ikea!  It was labeled new and at $7.99 a yard, I couldn’t say no.  It’s very thick and sturdy.

After you are done attach your hanging hardware and mount it to the wall.  I like to use these french cleats:

Hanging hardware for headboard- french cleat.

Handing hardware for headboard.

They even come with their own level!  But two of these babies, and that headboard isn’t going anywhere.

Finished headboard for the twin bed guest room.

Finished twin sized headboard.

Peanut loves the updated bed!

P.S. Since originally writing this post, I have decided that I don’t like the way the fabric clashes with the antique quilt.  Too modern vs. antique.  So instead, I’m going to turn the headboard into a bench!  (Already upholstered, sweet!)  And I’m going to see if I can’t find something I like better for the bed.  I’m hoping to incorporate a modern, yet traditional fabric for the curtains to bring the room together.  Then I think I can start thinking about new side table(s) and lamps, etc…