Master Bath Progress

Or, a comedy of errors?

We are now officially into the fifth week of this “ten-day” renovation of our master bathroom shower room.  Our little five foot by six foot room is getting a complete overhaul, and it is still not done.  I would wonder in a time like this if it would have actually been faster if we had done it ourselves (without knowing what we were doing).  I like how it is coming together– I think I chose the right products now and feel that everything looks great together.  But I am not happy with a number of things about this renovation, and where things stand at this point.  I am hoping that within the next week, everything will be fixed and finished up and we can finally have a bathroom again.

So one thing I love is our tile choices:

White Tile with Biltmore Marble accent

I chose a white 6″ by 6″ tile with an accent band of white 2″ by 8″ subway tile set off by a “biltmore” marble pencil tile.  I love how this looks.  Everything looks clean and bright, and the marble is gorgeous.  Originally, we had planned the marble accent to be a carerra marble tile, but all the tiles that came in only looked white with just enough gray to make them look dirty.  There was almost no veining in any of the tile, and it really looked awful.  Thankfully my husband saw it before they tiled the whole shower and stopped them.  On the downside, it set us back several days until they could reschedule.

I went to the Tile Shop in Richmond to find a replacement tile when we knew the carerra wouldn’t work.  They helped me immensely, and even took into the back to let me look through their selection of marble pencil tiles.  I knew this was the one as soon as I saw it.  It reminded me of “ming green” marble tiles that the designer Sarah Richardson likes to use in her projects.  We love her portfolio, so I knew Mr. Lucky would like it.  They had everything I needed in stock, and so we were ready to rock by the next day.

The tile is still not finished however– there is a small section along one side that is not finished, and there is another part that bumps out.

Bowed Out Tile

Bowed Out Tile

I think it’s from the drywall mud being too thick behind it.  I am so disappointed by this.  It looks much better grouted and caulked, but you can still see it sticking out some.  I would think that for the amount of money we are paying, and that this project is a complete gut- that it should be done right.  It should look good and be done well, and I find this unacceptable.  I could live with it if I had to, and it might not be noticeable once the shower door is in, but come on people.  Do it right the first time.

You can see in the picture above that the room has already been painted, and it’s a beautiful soft gray.  I need to look up the name, but I think it was Sherwin Williams’ “Passion.”  The electrician has been to visit us too, but installed the light fixture upside down.

New Light Fixture Upside Down

New Light Fixture Upside Down

It’s the type of fixture you can install either up or down, but I had wanted it the other way, primarily so that I didn’t see the light bulbs.  When it is on, it just glares into my eyeballs.  Not fun.  But!  There is plenty of light in there now and it looks so much better than it did before!  Hopefully in another week I will have after shots for you.  In the meantime, tile needs to be fixed and finished, plumber needs to come out, and we need the shower door installed.

Here’s hoping we don’t get into week six….