Spray Painted Wicker Furniture

Detail of Chair back

Chair Detail


This was a fairly quick and easy project.  I got these vintage wicker and rattan pieces from the studio where I work.  Someone abandoned them years ago, and I managed to fit them into my car to take them to their new home, my front porch.  Having virtually no money to spend on proper furniture, I welcomed anything that was cute, quirky, and best of all FREE.

Wicker chair before being painted.

Wicker chair before being painted.

Years of accumulated grime had to be removed first, and I brushed them off very well, before giving them a real light wipe off wtih a slightly damp cloth.  Giving them a few minutes to dry, I then spray painted them bright pink.  I chose spray paint for this projects because of all the tiny crevices and hard to reach angles.  Spray paint was able to get into every nook and cranny.  After drying, I arranged them on the front porch.  I planted some complimentary flowers in the bed, and voila.  Instant cute.

Wicker chair after being painted

Wicker chair after being painted.

View of the painted furniture on the front porch.

Painted wicker and rattan furniture on the front porch.

Sadly, because these pieces are vintage, I don’t feel comfortable sitting on them.  I can put my weight on them, but they groan a bit.  They are delicate and until I can afford cute furniture that I can actually sit on, I’m happy for them to live on my porch.  Update:  two years later, still there, but I have different and prettier flowers.

View of the painted furniture on the front porch in Spring of 2011.

Front Porch Spring 2011

*Second Update* I can hardly believe it’s been three years since I wrote this- my first post! The chair and settee successfully moved with us to Richmond and have been living outside permanently since. They have a nice home on the lower deck, but some planters, nicely shaded by the upper deck and some shrubs.


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